Brush and Floss Right

Brushing and flossing stop plaque and tartar form building upon your teeth. Brush and floss after every meal. Be sure to brush and floss right by following these tips.


Use a soft toothbrush and fluoride tooth paste. Ask your dentist if u should an electric toothbrush.

Hold the brush at a 45 angle to your gum line.This lets the bristles reach under the gums. Gently brush all surfaces of your teeth with a circular motion.

Scrub the chewing surfaces. Clean the inside of the upper and lower front teeth using the bristles t the tip of the toothbrush.

Brush your tongue to clear away food and bacteria, Then rinse well. Ask your dentist if you should use mouth rinse after brushing.


Ask your dentist to recommend the type of dental floss that's best for you.

Wrap 12 to 14 inches of floss around your middle fingers. Holds it tight between your thumb and index finger. Or, use a floss holder.

Ease the floss between your teeth. Rub up and down against the sides of each tooth.

Floss gently under your gum line where plaque tends to collect.

DR. Ajay Dave -General Dentistry
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