Got Cold

IS IT TRUE I CAN GET SICK FROM MY OWN TOOTHBRUSH? Yes—particularly if you've been sick recently. When you come down with a cold or flu, your germs can continue to live in the bristles after you've recovered. "I have so many patients who catch their own colds from their own toothbrushes," says Dr Ajay Dave, of Dave Dental Care, private practice of Memphis, TN. "Because toothbrushes are relatively warm and moist, viruses like them and can live on the bristles for as long as they remain wet.

Doctors have known for years that dental infections pose a risk to heart valves, but new research suggests that dental infections also may be implicated in the hardening of arteries, heart attack, stroke, and spontaneous, pre-term births. Research indicates that the buildup of oral bacteria won't just wreck your smile, give you bad breath and cost you your teeth. It may cause trouble "a mile away, somewhere else in the body,"

The best thing to do according to Dr Dave is use a new tooth brush after every episode of "Cold" or "major oral infection". Remember "Prevention is always better than cure".

DR. Ajay Dave -General Dentistry
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