Nonsurgical Treatments

The goal of these treatments is to create conditions that enable tissues in the mouth to heal. This is done by reducing plaque, infection, and other causes of periodontal disease. In about 4 to 8 weeks, you'll have another evaluation. Depending on various factors, surgery may be the next step.

Scaling and Root Planning

This treatment is performed by a dentist or a dental hygienist. Sometimes a special ultrasonic device is used to remove heavy deposits. Then plaque and tartar are removed (scaling), and the root surfaces are Smoothed (root planning). This helps keep the area free of bacteria and may help ligaments to reattach, reducing pocket depth.

Scaling Treatment
Scaling at and just below the gumline reaches tartar deposits that can't be removed in an ordinary dental cleaning.
Root planning smoothes
Root planning smoothes rough spots on the roots where bacteria collect.
Antibiotics - Infection
Infection can be treated with antibiotics, which decrease bacteria. Pills may be prescribed. Or the antibiotic may be placed directly into the infected pocket.
Bite Correction Treatment
Bite Correction
Bite problems such as an uneven bite can worsen bone loss. Grinding or clenching the teeth may contribute to the problem. A splint or other ways of adjusting the bite can Reduce pressure and help control the damage.

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