Regenerative Procedures

Certain procedures can be used to simulate growth of new bone. This increases the height of the bone around the tooth, giving it more support. Getting back even half the lost bone height extends the life of the tooth.

Bone Replacement Graft

A graft helps your body replace last bone. The graft consists of your own bone,synthetic material, or bone from a tissue bank. A gel containing growth factors may also be used to simulate tissues to grow.

Placing the graft
Placing the graft. First, a gum flap is created. Growth factors may then be applied to the root. Graft material is packed into the area where bone was lost.
Closing up
Closing up. The gum is closed and sewn together. The growth factors stimulate tissue to grow. The graft provides a platform for new bone to grow.
After the area heals
After the area heals. Stiches dissolve are removed. Though the gum has healed, it takes a year or more for new bone growth to fill the space.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

A special membrane is placed between gum and bone. This prevents gum tissue, which grows quickly ,from filling the space where bone has time to grow where it's needed.

Surgery on gum and bone
Surgery on gum and bone. The gum is opened. Then a membrane is placed over the damaged bone.
Separating tissues
Separating tissues. Once in place between bone and gum, the membrane allows space for bone to heal.
After healing
After healing. The stitches and membrane dissolve are removed . In about a year, bone forms to support the tooth.

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